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What is ID-Verify?

Organisations are enrolling their staff into ID-Verify as a way of protecting you from receiving bogus callers with fake or stolen ID Cards trying to gain access into your property.

Any ID-Verify card can easily be confirmed by using the search facility at

You will receive back the persons photo and other selected information.

For a demonstration of the service, see our ID-Verify Demonstration where you can try it out for yourself.

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Read more about the ID-Verify service, how it fits in with ID-WebBureau and how it can benefit your business.


ID-WebBureau is a web based solution for all of your Plastic ID Card needs. Securely upload and edit information in order to create professional ID Cards without the hassle of expensive hardware or time comsuming administration. Add extra security with ID-Verify making your cards verifiable via the ID-Verify website. We also supply ID Card accessories such as lanyards, PVC card holders, rigid card holders and yo yos. Call ID-WebBureau on 0115 860 2255.

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